SpaceRail Level 2 231-2G 10000mm Fluorescent Luminated Model Kit

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SpaceRail Level 2 231-2G 10000mm Fluorescent Luminated Model Kit
SpaceRail Level 2 231-2G 10000mm Fluorescent Luminated Model Kit 

Item: SpaceRail Model Kit
Item NO.:231-2G 
Rail length: 10000mm
Assembled size: 60*18*36CM
Package size: 39.5x 23.2x 7cm
Steel balls: 2pcs
Weight: About 1.2kg
Difficulty level: Easy
Recommended Age: 9+

Packaging may be changed in production batches.
Please make sure that you don't mind before ordering.

Great gift for special occasion for big boy / adult.
It is really a magic decoration for your room once its assembled !

SPACERAIL is a suit-toy which could be assembled freely with its base, shaft and rail. The steel ball could run on the two lines sometimes snail and sometimes scour. It is for adults to play indoor.

Space Rail is reproduction of SpaceWarp, originally made by Bandai who stopped making Spacewarp around 1988, but continued to sell replacement parts until supplies were exhausted in 1995.

Spacewarp is line of build-it-yourself toy rolling ball "roller coasters" first made in the 1980`s. Users cut lengths of track to the correct size from a single roll of thick plastic tubing, forming curves and loops held in place by plastic track rail holders which attach to metal rods held vertical in a black plastic base. Steel balls roll around the track and on to a battery-powered elevator that takes them to the top to start all over again.

It will bring the sweetness and exciting feeling of the SPACERAIL word to you although it is just for playing indoor.

Package Included:
1 x SpaceRail Level 2
1 x English Instruction Manual