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CC2500 NRF24L01 A7105 Multi RF 3 IN 1 Wireless Module for DEVO Transmitter

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CC2500 NRF24L01 A7105 Multi RF 3 IN 1 Wireless Module for DEVO Transmitter
Because of the excellent work of Deviation forum, Devo series radios(DEVO7, DEVO7E, DEVO10, DEVO8S, DEVO12S ) can support many different protocols now, some of the protocols need additional 2.4GHz transceiver module(s). and the 3 IN 1 module is meet for this. It integrates three RF chips(CC2500 , NRF24L01 , A7105) in one single PCB board. It supports more than 10 different protocols, such as Frsky, Flysky, WLtoys, Hubsan, Hisky and so on.

Pin assignment:

Pin function:

Number Name Property Description
1 VCC power 3.3V Power supply
2 GND power Ground
3 PAEN input PA Enable , with internal pull-ups , not connect 
4 LANEN input LNA Enable , with internal pull-ups , not connect
5 MOSI input SPI input for slave device
6 MISO output SPI output for slave device
7 CE_NRF input NRF24L01 chip enable , with internal pull-ups not connect
8 SCK input SPI clock signal
9 CS_2500 input CC2500 chip select
10 CS_2401 input NRF24L01 chip select
11 GND power ground
12 CS_7105 input A7105 chip select


You can use 30 AWG wires to connect the module and the Devo Transmitter, the pattern is as follows. after that, Fix the antenna to the top of the Transmitter, next to the original one.
For Devo 7e, you should connect a wire to the MCU, you can use heat tape to cover unwanted MCU pins and expose the useful one, the next soldering work will be much easier.


SCK  2 2
MOSI 4 3
MISO 5 4
CS_2500 13 10
CS_2401 16 13
CS_7105 12 9
VCC 15 12
GND 3 or 8 or14 7 or11

You can define the connections of ‘CS’ pins by yourself, and you should modify the ‘ini’ file at the same time(see below)
Devo10 connections:

In addition to the D7E, other transmitter such as D8S, they have the same connection with the D10.

Devo7e connections:

Upgrade firmware

For more information, please visit the deviation forum:

Modify .ini file

You should modify the .ini file to enable the module, after upgrade firmware, connect your transmitter to computer, hold and press ‘ENT’ key while turning on your transmitter, then the transmitter will be recognized as an USB drive, you can find an ‘ini’ file ( hardware.ini or tx.ini, depend on your firmware ) at the root of this drive, use an text editor to open the ini file, and then modify it as shown:

Ini file for Devo10

Ini file for Devo7e


For Devo7e, there may be a warning that says ‘Missing modules’ , when you turn on transmitter. to solve it ,you can turn off transmitter and then turn on it again.
The reason is that Devo7e’s power supply is very limit, it’s maybe not ready at the beginning.
For frsky protocol, you may adjust the ‘Freq-course’ parameter to reach max range.

Package included:

1 x CC2500 NRF24L01 A7105 Multi RF 3 IN 1 Wireless Module for DEVO Transmitter