FuriousFPV Stealth Long Range 700mW 40CH FPV VTX Transmitter Built-in Microphone for RC Drone

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FuriousFPV Stealth Long Range 700mW 40CH FPV VTX Transmitter Built-in Microphone for RC Drone

Click here to download the manual: pdf


Dimensions: 30x19.5x9 mm
Weight: 4.9 gram (without antenna)
Voltage Range: 2S - 6S LiPo
VTx Power: Pitmode(0.1mW) / 25mW / 200mW/ 700mW

Built-in Microphone
Built-in MMCX connectors
Optimized size
Betaflight configuration
Led Strip control Function
Control via Bluetooth (Smartphone & Smartwatch)
RBG LED on Board
Pigtail MMCX to SMA included
Power adjustment using thermal sensor
LC Filter + BEC 5V@1.5A => Clean Signal

Package included:
1 x FuriousFPV Stealth Long Range FPV VTX
1 x Antenna 
2 x Cables
The bluetooth and the LEDS are not included.

If you need to buy the one with 
bluetooth and the LEDS,
please click this link to buy:

Stealth Long Range VTx - Explore New Worlds:
Push your FPV like never before! With 700mW of long range adjustable output power, the all new Furious FPV Stealth Long Range VTx is the ultimate FPV VTx to push your FPV experience to the outer limits and beyond.
Incorporating a fully adjustable power output that places you in complete control, the Stealth Long Range VTx offers full control with 25mW, 200mW, and a max power of 700mW for the ultimate in long range flight. Add in PitMode technology that allows complete setup and adjustment without interfering with other pilots, and the Stealth Long Range VTx is the ultimate VTx system available today.
Built to perform, the Stealth Long Range VTx utilizes high quality MMCX connectors with built in audio via an onboard microphone, allowing you to keep audible tabs while in flight. Tie in LED Light Strip Control, and you can setup your drone just the way you want, offering full LED lighting customization.
When it comes to setup, we've simplified it to the extreme. Featuring Bluetooth control, setup is fully app controlled with SmartWatch support, allowing the ultimate in ease and functionality when programming the Stealth Long Range VTx. It doesn't get any easier than this, with every adjustment at your fingertips.
For the ultimate in FPV, step into the Stealth Long Range VTx and take your FPV experience to new worlds and beyond.
Massively Adjustable mW Output
Pick your poison. With different power output selections of 25mW, 200mW, and 700mW of long range FPV power, the Stealth Long Range VTx offers the perfect output for race ready madness or long range flight - all with instantaneous ease.
The Ultimate In Long Range
With a massive 700mW of output power available, the Stealth Long Range VTx pushes your FPV to the extreme, offering a zero compromise design when going the distance. This class leading VTx power offers the ultimate in FPV range in a compact, race ready layout that is ready to be unlocked, at your will.
Setup Brilliance via Bluetooth Technology
Gone are the days of complex & time consuming setups to get your equipment working right. With the brilliance of Bluetooth technology, everything awaits via a dedicated app with SmartWatch support - just the way it should be.
Light Up the Night with LED Light Strip Control
Transform your flights with full LED lighting control, allowing you to customize your quad with the perfect LED look. With full control at your fingertips, choose the color, brightness and pattern of your LED lights, and set your quad apart from all the rest.
Ultra Compact for Ease of Install
Designed for a tight fit, the Stealth Long Range VTx is designed with a small footprint in mind, allowing you to install in ultra cramped locales.
Seeing Is Believing
With an integrated LC filter, video clarity is perfected, offering ultra levels of video quality that keep you in the sky under the most demanding RF conditions.
Built In Microphone for Full Audio Control
Keep tabs on your flight with a built in microphone, allowing crucial audio feedback while in flight - keeping you in the loop and up to speed.
Power to the People
With 1.5A @ 5V, the built in BEC provides all the power you need to keep your aircraft in the sky. No need to worry about external power - we have you covered.
Stress Free PitMode Tuning
In close confines racing, the last thing you want is channel bleed through to foul up someone's lap. With Pit Mode, the 0.1mW output allows up close tuning without interference, providing you with stress free tuning as you gear up for your heat.
Low Observable Brilliance via StealthMode Power Up
Stay clear of the wrath of fellow racers by utilizing Stealth Mode Power up, keeping your VTx powered down with your system powered up as you gear up for your flight.
Full 40 Channel Functionality
Covering all the bases, the Stealth Long Range VTx offers 40 available channels for the ultimate in channel selection, allowing you to chose the perfect channel setup for your machine.
BetaFlight Setup Ready
Utilizing the ultra popular BetaFlight software protocol, the Stealth Long Range VTx makes setup a breeze with BetaFlight interface, allowing the ultimate in ease of use.