Heavy Duty Universal Table Vise with Drill Clamp

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Heavy Duty Universal Table Vise with Drill Clamp
Heavy Duty Universal Table Vise with Drill Clamp

This heavy duty universal table vise is the perfect, portable go anywhere handy piece of equipment which is great for the workshop or out in the field. It has a jaw opening of 50mm and the vise grips are 78mm wide, it also features an instantly lockable ball joint for flexible working angles and will also allow the vice to rotate through 360°. The universal vice is made from hard wearing and strong cast aluminum and the jaws are fitted with slide off molded rubber jaws. These rubber jaws stop you damaging the object you are clamping in the vise and they also provide better grip if you are holding something delicate that could be damaged with too much vise pressure. Also supplied is a handy drill adapter and hex key for clamping power tools with a 43mm diameter. To fit the adapter you remove the vise which is attached to the ball joint with a 6mm socket head screw then replace the vise with the adapter.

Vise only
Material: Cast aluminum
Height above workbench: 160mm
Maximum Work Bench Thickness: 53mm
Maximum Jaws Capacity: 50mm
Width of Jaws: 78mm
Weight: 770g
Clamp only
Material: Cast aluminum
Maximum Diameter: 43mm
Weight: 105g

* Rotating and tilting head
* Made of strong cast aluminum 
* Instantly locks in position with one lever
* Wide jaws capacity (50mm)
* Slide off rubber jaws
* Handy drill adapter clamp

Pacakge Included:
1X Heavy Duty Universal Table Vise with Drill Clamp