Magnetic Flexural Crooked Stick Rod Straight Stick Steel Ball Model Building Kids Adults Toy

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Magnetic Flexural Crooked Stick Rod Straight Stick Steel Ball Model Building Kids Adults Toy
Items: 01. Steel Balls   02. Straight Magnetic Rods   03. Flexural Magnetic Rods
Material: Magnetic Stick / Rod, Steel Ball
Steel Ball Diameter: About 12mm
Straight Magnetic Stick Length: About 27mm
Flexural Magnetic Stick Length: About 28mm
Color: Random
Straight Magnetic Stick: 1pc
Flexural Magnetic Stick: 12pcs
Ball: 4pcs

Magnetic sticks, steel balls are sold separately.
Applicable age: 8 years old
This product contains small accessories that may be dangerous if you swallow them. If you swallow them, please call for medical treatment immediately. Also, please keep buckyballs away from electric devices, like electronic medical equipment, because their powerful magnetic force may destroy the devices. Keep them away from magnetic memory gadgets, like credit card, soft or hard disk.

Package Included: (According the product bought to pack)
(NO.01): 4 x Steel Balls
(NO.2): 1 x Straight Magnetic Stick
(NO.03): 12 x Flexural Magnetic Sticks

The models shown above are amazing, right?

Once you make the magnets get the max. magnetic force, the basic condition, then it is much easier for you to building the models as pictures.

Please see Picture A and Picture B.

In these two pictures, the triangles are the same. Three angles of the triangle in the Picture A cannot attract steel balls, while two angles of the triangle in the Picture B can attract steel balls.

Why? Because in Picture A, the magnetic circuit of the triangle is balanced and reach its max. magnetic force, while the triangle in Picture B is not, which make the steel balls 
magnetized. Therefore, triangle A is firmer than triangle B.

Most of people know the basic rule: 
the same polarity will repel each other, while those of different polarity will attract each other. If you want to get the max. magnetic force, you have to make sure the  magnetic circuit is balanced. Balanced  magnetic circuit means each connection has  different polarity, also the magnetic models are firmest.

Using imbalanced magnetic circuit, you can build more interesting dynamic models. 

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